Acting and Amazon Live: Interview with Performer Disnie Sebastien

Meagan J. Meehan
7 min readFeb 1, 2023

Disnie Sebastien is an actress and host who hails from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica. Presently residing in NYC, Disnie is actively involved in the world of performing arts, film, television and commercials and has hosted more than 330 episodes of a weekly Amazon Live show featuring Amazon’s top-rated products. Disnie’s recent credits include video shoots for Google, Target and Jose Cuervo and performances at the National Black Theater and Urban Stages.

Disnie recently discussed her career and aspirations for the future via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your talent for acting and what was it about plays and the theater that most interested you?

Disnie Sebastien (DS): I grew up on the beautiful, peaceful Caribbean Island of Dominica. Ever since I was a child, I had a secret dream to be an actress, a dream that I told no one about. I knew it would sound absurd for anyone coming from my country to even suggest an interest in the performing arts. I self- taught by memorizing all the scripts on the TV and would act them out. I was and still am highly introverted and therefore immersing myself in the world of television led me to a fantasy land, where I didn’t have to mingle with others. It was sort of a thrilling escape. I truly believe that my passion for acting is ingrained in me. It was never a question of whether I would be able to be the actor I was born to be, but more about when it would happen. I was further inspired to be an actress by my High School Literature teacher, Gwenith Whitford. She is from Canada and is a wonderful writer and teacher. Her teaching of Shakespeare was my first real experience of acting. She made us perform instead of just reading the plays. I fell in love with Shakespeare. She felt that I had the natural gift of acting.

MM: You grew up on the island of Dominica, so how did that influence you creatively?

DS: Dominica’s natural beauty is awesome. Sea, river bathing and visits to grandparents in the country area were a frequent thing for me. I realized that nature empowers creativity as I studied her. This gave me a sense of calm. I have taken this calm demeanor into my adulthood. Growing up in Dominica further inspired a show, ‘Lovely Dominica’ that I helped create with Urban Stages Theater. This was in collaboration with several New York libraries to educate about different cultures to youth and their families. We want to keep educating via the arts. There will be more to come.

MM: What made you decide to immigrate to New York and what were some of the biggest culture shocks that you experienced?

DS: I had been to New York several times since I was a child and it was always my dream to come here to pursue acting. My many visits to NY gave me a sense of familiarity. There is truly no place like it. New York is such a huge melting pot of different cultures which is one of the reasons I think artists flow here. There are many opportunities for the arts in NY compared to other places. If one finds the right connections, one can flourish. I knew I had to give it a shot! The biggest culture shock that stands out for me is how New Yorkers don’t care! You can be walking around on the subway in a paper bag with rainbow colored hair and no shoes and no one would bat an eyelid. In Dominica, word gets around quickly. It’s a small island where everyone knows everyone. I couldn’t get away with the paper bag look, my family would be alerted immediately!

MM: How does the art scene in Dominica differ from the scene in New York?

DS: There really isn’t much of an art scene in Dominica. Not where Theater and Film is concerned anyway. The options are very few, it’s not a career choice most people go for. I resorted to teaching myself how to decipher scripts and understand characters. The bit of Shakespeare I did in high school was helpful. I still knew I needed more if I was going to take acting seriously. The music scene in Dominica is much more prominent. We actually have our own genre of music called ‘Bouyon’ that originated in the 1980s. This genre has been spreading pretty quickly internationally.

MM: How did you come to work with Amazon?

DS: During my quest for continuous auditions, I came across a casting call looking for hosts to do live shows on Amazon Live. The Amazon Live channel is a new and unique way to shop. There are a wide range of products from toys to beauty essentials. Sometimes exclusive deals and discounts are offered. I work in collaboration with Top Rated Studios, a leading studio for E-commerce in New Jersey. I had never heard of Amazon Live before. I was surprised that this avenue of shopping existed and was eager to see how the world of shopping coincides with television. I applied and was contacted for the first rounds of auditions. My audition consisted of me picking up random items on the casting director’s desk and trying to entice them to buy the lovely stapler and pen. It’s funny, I told my Mom I felt that my audition was horrendous and I probably wouldn’t get through. Shortly after, much to my surprise I was contacted for a callback. The list of applicants slowly dwindled down until I was offered the part to host the show. The show was named, “Sunday Funday With Disnie.” Two years into the gig, I have completed over 330 episodes and racked up thousands of views. Anyone can watch the show live, chat with me in the comments and shop. It’s always a great time! Sundays at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM EST. The link to view the show is I’m very grateful to Top Rated Studios and Amazon for providing me this outlet to enjoy my newfound passion for hosting.

MM: What are your favorite kinds of characters to play and why?

DS: I used to be typecast mainly for very strong characters like doctors and teachers. I found myself sticking to those roles because that’s what directors wanted to see. I tend to give off no-nonsense vibes generally. Lately, I have been looser with the roles I play, which gives me more of a challenge and frees my inhibitions. I am open to all roles. I am much more of a diverse actor. My characters range from silly to serious.

MM: What upcoming projects will you be working on?

DS: My acting career has been boosted since the new year and I have several projects coming up. We have exciting updates and surprises coming for my Amazon Live show. I have been expanding my collaborations with different brands and have already been chosen for commercials. I am also booked to perform in several shows for 2023. Stay tuned!

MM: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

DS: The actress who inspires me the most is Keke Palmer. I’m in constant awe of her talents and gifts. When I was a child in Dominica, she was one of the first few black actresses of my generation that I had seen on TV. I was a child merely dreaming that one day I could be like her. Since living in the US, I have met Keke on several occasions, but in 2020, I was over the moon when I got the opportunity to film a new show with her called, ‘Who’s Making Margs?’ The show was produced by Jose Cuervo. After a successful audition, I appeared on season 1. It’s one thing to meet your idol, but to work with them artistically is an absolute dream! I’m humbled by these experiences. It’s life-changing and shows me that the sky’s the limit.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

DS: I truly want to continue my success in the field of acting. I will take all opportunities given to me as long as I don’t have to jump off a cliff! Haha. However, one of my ultimate goals is to host my own talk show in Hollywood. I still don’t know what my content would focus on yet, but I hope that whoever watches it can be entertained, inspired and encouraged. I love hosting, I could do this all day long! Had I been asked about my goal before I discovered Amazon Live, I would have probably just said I want to be in a Netflix movie. Life is full of surprises. Hosting is a welcome one!



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