Artist Chris Bleicher was delighted to receive the Excellence Award.

Artist Chris Bleicher Presented with “Excellence Award” in South Korea

Chris Bleicher is a renowned German artist who is famous for her multimedia and/or neon lighted paintings and sculptural installations that walk the line between pop art, abstract expressionism, and symbolism. Chris recently unveiled one of her latest works titled “The Dream of Flying” in South Korea and was subsequently presented with an Excellence Award courtesy of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum.

“The Dream of Flying” is part of Chris’ neon picture object series. Crafted using the wing of an airplane and featuring a cockatoo, the piece is a commentary on human being’s long-standing will to fly. Chris exhibited the work as part of the “Freedom + Peace” festival which is premiered at the museum on September 1 and has since been be placed in the permanent collection of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum.

Overall, the work of 127 artists from all across the globe displayed art representing thirty-five countries in total. Chris Bleicher was delighted to represent Germany — the sole artist to do so — and subsequently wining the Excellence Award was an added bonus.

“At first I was very surprised when I understood that I had won this important Excellent prize because I didn’t expect anything like that,” Chris stated via an exclusive interview for HVY. “Then I felt really grateful and humble to get this award which is of great importance for my artistic career…I’m feeling very, very happy about the award! My big THANK YOU applies to the great work and vision of the museum directors Yu Cheoneob und Kyung Myungja for the successful festival as well as all other curators — especially Seonghwan Moon — and Doyoung Lee, who works project-related for the museum and all, who lovingly cared for us artists, so that we felt at home. Thanks also go to Michael Lam, Timeless Honorary Director and Art Consultant of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, who recommended my neon art to the museum and who brought the international artists together for this project…I felt like I was in paradise! We have become a big family and we wish to carry the message of FREEDOM AND PEACE out into the world!”

Reports about Chris’ exciting experiences during her travels can be viewed online via her peepart diary here .

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author of novels, short stories, and poems. She is also a produced playwright and an award-winning modern artist.

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