Flushing Town Hall Celebrates Lunar New Year with Art

Flushing Town Hall in Queens is celebrating the Lunar New Year with artwork. The Lunar New Year is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in Asia and Flushing has one of the highest populations of Asians in America.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year with the community, Flushing Town Hall presents “A Good Beginning, Here” which is a cross-cultural exhibition that illuminates eight diaspora artists who can trace their roots back in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Their works embody unique life stories and ideas rooted in the East and evolved in the West. More than twenty artworks from a wide array of visual styles, approaches, and mediums are on display in the gallery.

Some artists find inspiration in traditional art techniques from their heritage and inter-weave new cultural elements encountered during their migrant experience; some explore relations with their roots and current place they settled.

Participating Artists include:

· Chung Kim

· Dong Hee Lee

· Kumjoo Ahn

· Stephanie S. Lee

· Suejin Jo

· Yan Nie

· Yu-Whuan

· Wang Xiangdong Shi

There will also be an Art Making Workshop titled “Tiger & Magpie: Good Luck Painting from Korea” on Sunday February 9 at 2pm for ages 10 & up. Tiger and magpie painting has been a prominent motif in Korean Folk Art (Minhwa). It’s known to keep away evil influences and bring good news. It’s a tradition to hang the painting on your front door at the beginning of the year. Taught by artist Stephanie S. Lee, participants will paint 19th century Korean tigers and magpies to take home for New Year’s luck! $10/$5 Members & Children/FREE for Teens (Adults accompanying children must also pay for a ticket.)

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author of novels, short stories, and poems. She is also a produced playwright and an award-winning modern artist.

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