Incredible Group Launches New Toy Line Celebrating Iconic Jellybean Candies

Meagan J. Meehan
5 min readNov 7, 2023

The Incredible Group, a licensing and marketing firm, has just announced the launch of a new toy line featuring items that are inspired by the Jelly Belly® candy brand. These licensed toys and collectibles include a range of squishy toys that are shaped like Jelly Belly jellybeans and which are available in a range of sizes and colors. Many of these items are also scented, with further pays homage to all of the delicious flavors that are associated with jellybeans.

Ryan Carr, who has more than twenty years of experience in the toy business, recently granted an exclusive interview where he discussed his career, jellybeans, and more.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get interested in jellybeans and how did you find your way to Jelly Belly?

Ryan Carr (RC): At the Incredible Group we make a LOT of cool squishy toys, but we’re always trying to push the envelope and come up with something new. In brainstorming one day, the idea of scented squishies came up as a possibility to do more with. That idea led to food… which led to candy… which led to the idea of partnering with a big candy brand to make something that would resonate even more with people. Jelly Belly was a natural… and so we called them with the hair-brained (and not at all fully-formed) idea of a scented squishy Jelly Belly bean… and despite our complete lack of detail, they loved the idea!

MM: Jelly Belly started out as a candy, but it’s now got a foothold in toys. How did you get into working with toys?

RC: Here at Incredible we have been in the toy business for over twenty years, with many of us in the industry for that entire span. I myself started working in a toy store at age 14… then eventually worked as a toy buyer… and now work with the Incredible team to make and sell cool products. Honestly… I don’t think there’s another industry that could be as fun at this point! Ok… maybe candy!

MM: What items in the Jelly belly line are your favorites?

RC: I’m partial to our large scented squishi Jelly Belly myself… it’s over 4” wide and is a big satisfying squish. It’s like a “stress bean” …squish as you work away!

MM: What has been the most rewarding thing about working with this brand?

RC: No question: how deeply it resonates with customers. The Jelly Belly brand is LOVED. People are SERIOUS ABOUT IT. When we show people our Jelly Belly toys, it’s like, they want to take us by the lapels and look us dead in the eye and make sure we’re going to do a good job making this toy! The brand is so special for so many from their childhood and beyond… that’s very cool for us to be part of.

MM: Be honest, what is your favorite jellybean flavor?

RC: Not fair. NOT FAIR. It changes almost every day! From our first series of squishies my current favorites are Root Beer and Orange Sherbet. We’re also working on a new range of scents, releasing soon (hint: my fav from that might be the perfect movie theatre treat…ok twist my arm it’s buttered popcorn).

MM: What feedback about Jelly belly products has been the most memorable?

RC: Again, how intense people can be. We had a buyer from a VERY large chain of stores tell us that we were lucky we did such a good job making the squishy beans like the actual beans… because he is a huge Jelly Belly fan and he would have thrown us out of his office if they weren’t up to brand standards. I think he was joking?

MM: To date, what has been the highlight of your career in the toy industry?

RC: Another tough question! I will give a vague but honest answer… the people in this business are fantastic. It’s a fun business (I mean… toys) and the people that tend to gravitate to this sort of thing are fun, too. So, getting to work with so many great friends along the way. But if you need a more SPECIFIC moment, how about the time I was a teenager working in a toy store and I had to face down an angry Beanie Baby customer who was insisting that we had the rare Beanies hidden in the back room (we didn’t)… it was like taming a wild lion, and remains the only time I have been threatened with violence working in toys! Like I said: fun business.

MM: How do you hope Jelly Belly continues to evolve from here?

RC: The brand has such deep, resonate roots that I think all of us working within this space feel a sense of stewardship… we have to continue to make cool new things, but only if they stay true to the roots. So that’s what we’re trying to do to add to the Jelly Belly legacy!

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

RC: We plan to be making Jelly Belly toys for many years to come, so this is just the beginning. Also, I would like to mention that my favorite bean has just changed again to Berry Blue. Or possibly Very Cherry. Maybe check back with me in twenty minutes…

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