JumpStart Academy Launches NEW Forever Membership

JumpStart Academy is a leading producer of educational content delivered in entertaining forms. Remote learning has become a challenge for many teachers and parents in 2020 and, in response JumpStart Academy has launched a new “JumpStart Academy Forever Membership” that costs only $29.99 and provides unlimited access to everything from: 850+ Learning Activities, 200+ Storybooks, Parent Center resources, JumpStart Academy Preschool and Kindergarten and much more! This one-time purchase will give teachers and students unlimited access to JumpStart Academy Preschool, JumpStart Academy Kindergarten, World of JumpStart and Math Blaster. Best of all, six children can be enrolled per membership!

At JumpStart we understand that families may be bombarded with monthly subscriptions, so we wanted to relieve some of that burden and offer the option to simply pay once for all of JumpStart Academy’s great content” said company representative Shannon Johnson. “During the pandemic, parents are looking for ways to educate and entertain their children while working from home, and it was important for us to be able to offer this to them.”

JumpStart Academy’s curriculum is guided and built our team of current and former early elementary educators and experts. The curriculum is designed based on widely accepted early learning skills needed to set the foundation for later learning success. JumpStart Academy has excelled at creating content for children 3–8 years old for over 25 years.

“We also know the importance of setting a solid learning foundation at a young age and JumpStart Academy sets children up for success,” Shannon explained. “Our legacy products have offered accounts for up to 6 children for over 15 years. We wanted to ensure that a family was able to accommodate each of their children as well as have accounts for themselves to try and play along. Since we are offering so much content and gameplay for only $29.99, the initial reaction has been jaw-dropping excitement!”

JumpStart Academy has been in the online education space for over 25 years so the brand did not need to adapt their operations and designs as much as others brands did when social distancing rules went into effect. Families can access the programs from anywhere on almost any device, so learning at home is accessible to all. However, when questioned about how the company might expand in the future, Shannon sees a lot of opportunities for growth.

“We are always looking at ways to improve and expand our portfolio of products to help children build a solid learning foundation, including working with partners such as Smithsonian National Zoo,” she replied and added, “I would love to see us working with additional educational partners to bring life to even more educational content. Zoo Guardians, our game created in partnership with the Smithsonian National Zoo, is not part of our JumpStart Academy Forever Membership, but it is free to play and a great way to learn about animals and conservation. We have received encouraging feedback from parents that have played alongside their children and learned so much!”

To join, visit the official website: JumpStart.com/JoinNow. For more information, check out the video HERE.

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author of novels, short stories, and poems. She is also a produced playwright and an award-winning modern artist.