Kess Offers New Line of Outdoor Toys for Spring and Summer 2021

Kess is one of the leading toy manufacturers of outdoor/active play items including hoops, balls, and much more. Kess is currently managed by CEO Alex Kessler, and is based out of Los Angeles. Alex kickstarted his entrepreneurial career as one of the founders of Webisodes Network, a tech startup that was focused on digital video content and advertising. He also held a position in Product & Marketing for Jakks Pacific. Toy inventing is in Alex’s genes; his grandfather invented the earliest form of the hula-hoop and his father founded “Maui Toys” which was later acquired by Jakks Pacific. Alex leverages his own brand — Kess — to continue his family’s legacy into the third-generation.

Kess specializes in reinventing classic toys by introducing new play patterns, especially for products in the outdoor and impulse categories. Their Drop Dot Ball and Ice Hoops assortments have won prestigious toy awards, and in 2020 — amid the pandemic — Kess released a new puzzle line, de.bored Puzzles. Both the puzzles and the outdoor play options were popular among quarantined consumers who sought entertainment and/or exercise.

Alex recently announced that, in 2021, the Kess brand will further expand its outdoor/active play line and expand to include a tabletop gaming division. Below are some examples of items that will be new releases from the brand this year.

Drop Dots

(KESS; $8.99; Ages 6+; Available Now)

Drop Dots are Kess’ best-selling play balls with a spiky texture that gives them an awesome unique feel while making them easier to catch and grip. Available now in Junior, Classic and Mini-sizes, Drop Dots are vibrantly colored and somewhat addictive to grip.

Drop Dot Light Up Ball

(KESS; $14.99; Ages 6+; Available Now)

Drop Dot Light Up Balls are a twist on Kess’ best-selling play balls. Made with a spiky texture that gives them an awesome unique feel while making them easier to catch and grip, Drop Dot Light Up Balls are made with light-up technology that produces bright and vibrant visual effects.

Ice Hopper

(KESS; $8.99; Ages 6+; Available Now)

Ice Hopper is a glitter-filled take on a classic toy. As the Ice Hopper spins around, it sparkles with liquid glitter providing for colorful play with a fun shine effect. Kess’ Ice Hopper is available in four dazzling colors and is an ideal way to get exercise and have fun at the same time.

Ice PomPoms

(KESS; $5.99; Ages 6+; Available Now)

Ice Pom Poms are eye-catchingly cool accessories that are perfect for dance, play, cheering and more! Shake ’em, toss em, twirl ’em and watch the iridescent streamers sparkle! They are great for practice or general exercise…perhaps even the occasional TikTok video.

Ice Ribbon Twirler

(KESS; $5.99; Ages 6+; Available March 2021)

The Ice Ribbon Twirler is a beautiful sparkly dance accessory that is perfect for indoor and outdoor play! Moreover, the Light Up feature will certainly add magic to any nighttime dance routines!

For more information about Kess, please visit the official website:



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