Lucy Darling Mixes Magic and Charm for Virtual Valentines

Card tricks and fabulous gowns combined with vanishing jewels, rapier wit, and a naughty house cat to make for a perfect at-home Valentine’s Day thanks to an online performance from award-winning magician, LUCY DARLING.

Internationally recognized for her style and skills, which are featured in both the Guinness Book of World Records (2014) and Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015), the “Lucy Darling” persona was created by Carisa Hendrix, a model, actress, and sleight of hand expert hailing from Alberta, Canada. Regarded as one of the industry’s rising stars, she was even named Stage Magician of the Year at the Hollywood Magic Castle and was also the subject of an acclaimed documentary, “Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire” chronicling her years as a circus wunderkind.

When Covid-19 brought the performing arts to a screeching halt, Hendrix and her team sought to create opportunities to persevere and share Lucy’s magic with quarantine audiences around the world. Embracing her theatrical background and with an effort to stay connected to a growing community of fans, Carisa and company transformed their home into a broadcast studio where she performs interactive magic shows with exceptionally high production value.

Cut to February 14th, 2021 when Lucy Darling’s Virtual Valentines Magic Mixer was presented by BigNightIn Entertainment to the delight of at-home viewers from New York to Los Angeles, and all points North. The show opened with a pre-recorded segment (rendered in a suitably vintage cinematic style) which explained how the pandemic had driven Lucy, her two butlers, and their meddlesome cat into quarantine.

From there, we were dazzled by some impressive sleight of hand…prompting several audible moments of shock and surprise. In the most memorable segment of the show, home viewers were asked to participate with a fun trick using their own playing cards which yielded some truly magical results — my mind is still recovering! Yet it was her quick and constant banter with the audience that gave the show its real charm leading to a collective “Awww” when Lucy bid us good evening.

In addition to the finely curated entertainment, Sunday night’s event also functioned as an arts fundraiser with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Costume Industry Coalition, a network of over 50 independent artisans and craftworkers that create and supply ‘wardrobe magic’ on Broadway and beyond. Check out their popular Instagram account for more info. And as for Lucy Darling, you can learn more about her upcoming shows and general fabulousness at her official website.

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