Nick Jr. Announces New Series “Made by Maddie”

“Made by Maddie” is a new series on Nick Jr. that follows the adventures of a fashion-loving 8-year-old girl named Maddie and her supportive circle of family and friends. The show will premiere on Sunday, September 13, at 11a ET/PT on the Nick Jr. channel.

“Made by Maddie” centers on a Black family living in New York City. Maddie’s mom, Dee, is a successful fashion designer and her dad, Rashad, is a musician. The show prides itself on its diverse characters and all African-American and Latinx characters are voiced by African-Americans and Latinx talent. Moreover, many celebrity guest voices will be featured, including Karamo Brown, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Joey Fatone, Nina Garcia, Wanya Morris, Christine Pedi, Al Roker, Nico Tortorella, and many more.

In the series premiere episode entitled, “If the Glue Fits/Mini Me DJ,” Maddie gets her hands stuck to a pair of shoes Dee designed and must redesign them so her mother doesn’t find out — but she does and it’s ok. In the second episode, Maddie, Dee, and Dee’s assistant, Dustin, design an outfit for the famous DJ Fierce but things don’t go according to plan.

Every episode is interwoven with themes of individuality, kindness, and encouragement. The soundtrack is a fun mix of pop and hip-hop that makes you want to dance. Overall, the show is a vibrant and joyous ode to creativity, community, and NYC. To learn more, see here.

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author of novels, short stories, and poems. She is also a produced playwright and an award-winning modern artist.