RedwoodVentures Introduces New Toy Line “GoGo Gachas”

“GoGo Gachas” is a new line of toys by RedwoodVentures that is cute, collectible, and fashionable. Inspired by the Japanese capsule craze, GoGo Gachas work like a vending machine with each capsule loaded with kawaii charms. Each toy retails for only $9.99 and are currently available in three styles: a cheetah print purse, a luxe perfume bottle, and a groovy platform heel.

The brightly hued, compact, and very collectible toys are derived of fashion, all-things-girly, and the kawaii culture of cuteness that is very popular in Japan. The fun vending machine quality of the toys lends them a blind-bag element which has become of the most beloved play patterns of the past decade. The charms contained within the capsules are very detailed, some of them even have the ability to open and close like real handbags, makeup compacts and more.

The plastic bracelets that come with these sets are highly adjustable so they will fit any wrist size. The charms can be easily hooked onto the bracelets and even if you choose to put ALL your charms on one bracelet it will still look nice, not overwhelming, although the bracelet can be cumbersome and distracting when it is fully loaded. The only real drawback or safety concern with this series is the fact that the charms are small. Hence, while it is perfectly suitable for older children, these charms must be kept away from babies.

To learn more, see here.

GoGo Gachas Instagram

GoGo Gachas is available at Target



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Meagan J. Meehan

Meagan J. Meehan


Meagan J. Meehan is a published author of novels, short stories, and poems. She is also a produced playwright and an award-winning modern artist.